Vectora Expanding into Brazil

In its inaugural move, Vectora Transportes do Brasil Ltda., the independent subsidiary of the US-based Vectora Transportation, Inc., is transporting wind energy components up the coast via Brazilian Flag vessels. On this first move from Santos, Sao Palo to Ilheus, Bahia Brazil. Vectora is now offering three Brazil flag vessels to cover all of the wind components and industrial transportation needs along the coast of Brazil, from Pecem to Rio Grande.

Wind power in Brazil, the world’s fourth largest wind energy market, can compete with fossil fuel power plants without subsidies due to the strong, prevailing winds that come off its Atlantic coast.

Brazil as well as the United States are committed to using wind energy to help reduce dependency on oil as well as to help increase available energy to rural areas. The Bahia area, the destination of the components being moved by Vectora, is ideal for wind energy generation and is the kind of rural area that the country wants to help.

In addition, wind energy is a great complementary energy source to hydro-electric generation which is the country’s main source of power. The country’s dry winter can limit the use of hydro-electric but taking advantage of the strong winds during the season can provide an ideal energy balance.


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